Association to Benefit Children

Earlier this week, or I guess I should say Wednesday of last week considering Sunday starts the new week in the judeo-christian calendar, I volunteered at ABC again. I had a few more groups this time, with kiddies spanning from 4yrs-9/10ish.

I learned something really valuable. As long as you keep the momentum up, young children are fine with repeating activities they may have already done. On the other hand, older kids don’t necessarily see the value of repetition. They were quick to tell me when they were bored, or remind me if we had done the same activity last week. So my task for this week is to come up with new activities that are both phyisical and more engaging.

The highlight, however, was my group of my 5 girls. I taught them Sun Salutation A (surya namakaskara A) and they were so attentive and poised. They performed the postures beautifully. It was just something about their energy that was awesome.


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