First Audition…..Kosoko Performance Group

Yesterday (sat Aug 1.), I went to my very first dance audition. I’ve had dance gigs before, but I have had the fortune of finding projects via friends and dance folks for Wesleyan. This was the first time I assembled my resume and headshot and went for a project not knowing anyone.

The audition was for KPG. Jaamil Kososko’s work blends post modern dance and hip hop with theater, all forms that excite me.  I was definitely a lil’ shook before the audition.  But to my surprise the activities were not able showing what you can do. There were no mirrors in the space -which was sweet!!!  The audition was run like a class/workshop with different improv activities. The best activity was “invite to be seen”. Which meant simply moving into the space by yourself and allowing the audience/other dancers to see you.  Its a great tool to open yourself up to the audience and get comfortable with being watched.



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4 responses to “First Audition…..Kosoko Performance Group

  1. lydiabell

    cool I like his work.

  2. I love this post. I hope you keep in touch and can come check out the show at the Joyce SoHo. Feb. 18-20, 2010.

    See you there.

    much love

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