Montreal, Mandals and aMazing Food


Last weekend, Booface Han and I went to Montréal for a few days. T’was the best extended weekend EVER (like for-ev-er Sandlot style, We stayed at the Embassy Suites, which is hilarious on it’s own. Basically we felt MADD American. There were a lot of middle-aged white dads walking around in logo tees, cargo shorts and mandals. And their kids dressed in the matching vacation uniform, except “tennis shoes” instead of sandals.  We got a great deal on the suite, and they provided guests with complimentary drinks every evening and breakfast every morning. Sweeeeet!

One evening of our trip, we ate at Prato Pizzeria (3891 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal – (514) 285-1616). The food was ahhhhmazing. I highly recommend their bruschetta for a simple but delicious appetizer.  The margherita pizza was yummy. Our food server was extremely pleasant. And the exposed brick and !!!sexy!!! lighting made this dining experience a 10 out of 10.




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3 responses to “Montreal, Mandals and aMazing Food

  1. I think multi-strap sandals should be illlegal unless you are performing some kind of activity that requires the extra security and dexterity all with the freedom of the non-shoe.
    And anyone who wears socks + Tevas deserves to be shamed and ridiculed.


    • khaliafrazier

      I couldn’t agree more! My personal favorite is tube socks with loafers/dress shoes. But my dad still rocks timberland field boots. So- I’m not sure where to draw the line.

  2. Wait what’s wrong with Tims? That’s timeless right there. Tube socks + loafers—WITH THE PENNY IN.

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