Meditate on this

I have made a point to meditate more consistently, being able to control the “mind-stuff” will  definitely be useful in dealing with my anxiety issues.  Today I had a really amazing meditation practice. I’ve been reading the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan: The Power of the Spoken Word. A friend gave me this book. It was collecting dust for a few months, until an evening when I was looking for a train read.

This book has chapters like self, word, love etc. And each chapter has seeds that can be used for meditation. Here are a few  of my favorites thus far.

From Word #15:

For anyone who will live up to his word to infinity, this world will become too small. It will seem as small as a Ping-Pong ball. The whole universe will dance on the word of that man. This is the vibratory effect an individual has, because your end is infinity. Your beginning is infinity. You are only in trouble when you have  not realized you are infinity. To realize the infinity in the finite state is the extension of the mind. That is the reality of the mind.

From Woman #55

First recognize the creativity of the creator. The moment a woman recognizes and understands that she is the creativity of the Creator, confidence as a woman comes to her

From Self #100

When a man becomes God-conscious, he becomes humble enough to present his entire personality before the world without fear.


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  1. MaryAllen

    so, i usually just xanax for my anxiety issues, but i think i like meditation better. any more tips?!

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