Fashion’s Night Out 9/10 NYC


This Tuesday, B (as in the Spanish alfabeto “be”) aka my girl Melissa and I ventured off into NYC’s “Fashion’s Night Out”. I’ve decided to only purchase sweat free clothing. So I obviously didn’t buy anything, but good times were had while wandering the streets of Soho.

DSCN1469First stop was Billion Boys Club. I didn’t have the patience to wait on line. Apparently, Pharrell was working the register, which means there were thirst buckets abound.

There was a crazy ass urban Spider Man taking people on tours on the neighborhood. I can’t really explain, I’ll upload the videos when I figure out how.

Drinks at Y3



Gawking at all the thirst buckets trying to spot Kid Cudi at the Bape store.

Favorite Quote of the night, “I was at Kid Cudi’s shows when there were only 30 people in the audience. Now people are feening to see him.  Damn...”

– Melissa

Chocolates and Prosecco at Vosges (soooo good but I can’t afford $8 bars of chocolate)

The new jade green nail polish from Chanel is WAAAACK and a mini-manicure means a color change.


Some treats at Burberry

Beer at Custo Barcelona DSCN1495

Bathroom break at Aroma


Super sweet hats at Paul Smith and some bomb silver jewelry.


My first time in the Prada store


yummy cheese at Banana Republic

Bloomingdales in Soho sucks ass!!

B treated me to some Halal chicken and rice….soweet.


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