Bee Kay DAY, work for pay

Last Sunday, Sam and I took a field trip to Brooklyn! The first stop of our adventure was the Superstar DJ Record Fair, put on by the Brooklyn Flea. The Record Fair was aaight. It was nothing to write home about, but as it seems, something to blog about? I did, however, come upon a jewelry table by Wrecords By Monkey. This BK based designed company has been around for a few years, but this was my first time seeing their work. I think their pieces are dope.  Their pieces are handcrafted out of reclaimed vinyl records. This is right up my eco-friendly alley.

check em’ out:

The next stop was Urban Art Projects in Billyburg. Burgeoning choreographer and friend of mine, Lydia Bell presented: Work for Pay.

I  always appreciate pieces that allow “dancers” to speak. The development of the “performance artist” has definitely loosened the restraints of just being a dancer. But it is still gratifying to hear the voices and breath of performers that are expected to solely move their bodies.

Most importantly, the performers addressed questions and concerns that most artists contemplate daily, if not hourly.  The ladies’ resumes and thoughts on finding employment served as the sound score. Many radio stations now have radio resumes; job seekers read their resumes on air. In that vain, Work for Pay moves one step farther.



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2 responses to “Bee Kay DAY, work for pay

  1. Khalia – We got an email (forwarded) that you are interested in teaching yoga to seniors in Eats Harlem. We have 5 Sr Centers and would welcome your contribution . . . . Let us know if you are available.

    Jane Richardson
    Maria Alejandro

  2. Jennifer

    damn a field trip to BK

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