Sisters at Heart

A few weeks ago, after flipping through TV channels, I ended up watching a peculiar episode of Bewitched. This is what happens when you are unemployed! The first thing I saw was Tabitha wishing herself a different color.  And with the use of her magical powers, the little blonde white girl became a dark haired brown girl. This first impression left me disoriented, to say the least.  I couldn’t grasp why this TV show had someone in blackface, especially a child. But then there was Tabitha’s black friend, Lisa, who is turned in a blonde white girl.  And both girls ended up with polkadot complexions.  I don’t know!

The episode was actually quite endearing and made in the spirit of equality. After googling Bewitched I found the episode Sisters at Heart was actually written by a high school English class.  And as with most uncomfortable topics, children are really effective at drawing out valuable discussion without pretense.


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  1. That girl in the park was a big dumb.

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