Alexander Technique – thank you yogapassbook!!

November of last year, I acquired a yoga passbook from a women who recently became a mother and wasn’t able to take advantage of the passbook. In fact, she’d purchased the book in January 2009, and come November she had only taken two classes.  I bought the passbook for 40bucks.  I understood I’d only have a few weeks to use up the passbook.  Considering a single yoga or dance class costs 16-20bucks, if I took more than 3 group classes I’d get my money’s worth.

I arranged a private Alexander Technique class with instructor David Coben. The private session was one of the best experiences that came out of using the passbook. David was able to identify very subtle and improper habits I have. Perhaps this is part of the technique, but when making corrections, I was asked to think  of a movement happening. Opposed to being asked to take an immediate corrective action.  The intention behind this approach is when we address an issue in the body through action there is a tendency to over compensate or go beyond the point of correction.  I left this session thinking about habits and movement patterns that I’ve never been open to.   I don’t remember the specifics, but David Coben’s sessions are very well priced. And there is a promotional rate for referring friends. When I find another job, I plan on arranging another private session.


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