‘ello govna! – New Island Festival on Governor’s Island

I should have posted this a loooooong time ago and I didn’t.

This summer the BF and I took a day trip to the New Island Festival on Governor’s Island.  It was a festival in celebration of Henry Hudson. The festival was great, with the exception of a comedy group asking the audience to draw their hand up to the mouths and make “ooga booga” sounds to impersonate Native Americans. Aside from that unnerving moment, Sam and I had a great time.

I was there particularly to see SHOT by Anouk van Dijk Dance Company.   It’s no secret I enjoy most things non-American.  I believe this Netherlands based company is able to successfully merge compelling movement with theatricality and concept. Very few groups use techniques of performance art without sacrificing bodies that really move through space. In addition to this merger, the choreography uses composition techniques like: levels, time, retrograde, space etc  extremely well. I’m kind of obsessed with Anouk van Dijk DC.


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