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The Best Part of Watching NY Sports

is seeing this commercial


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How I start my day….Eau Le Doet

I know these videos are old but after I wake up, stretch and meditate I watch these videos.  They keep me laughing all day. good times, man…good times!!

Waka’s part around 3:14. is the  best.


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Every little Step- “no description available” is fitting for this ish.

I guess no one ever said Mike Tyson was a good mover. But I thought he’d be less awkward. It’s true, some black people can’t dance. However, Wayne Brady kills it!! And Bobby just looks old and sad so sad. Brady definitely scores some points with me. But I still don’t know how he feel about black women,  so I can’t really rock with him.


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“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Looking through my blackberry pics and I want to share some of the cool things I stopped to appreciate while walking around this summer. Summer is over ….womp womp The heat was brutal on my dry ass eczema ridden skin, so I’m glad this fall weather is bearable.

I knooow, right?! this is amazing.

I spotted this on 87th and broadway, chalked on the sidewalk by

This just made me laugh

the beginning of summer

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Drinking vs. Yoga

This is hysterical. Thanks MaryAllen!

Research  confirms that drinking gives you the same benefits as yoga! Look at the  following…

Position  of total relaxation.

Position  that brings the sensation of peace and calm.

Setu  Bandha Sarvangasana
This  position calms the brain and heals tired legs.

Position  stimulates the midirift area and the spinal column.

Excelent  for back pain and imsomnia.

Excelent  for the shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms.

Great  excersice to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms..

Ananda  Balasana
This  position is great for masaging the hip area.

This  position, for ankles and back muscles.

Tones  the body, and builds flexibility and helps get rid of ‘stress’.

all  those years…. I had no idea that I was actually exercising. I feel much  better now!

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Apathetic 60s go go dancer

photo from my short life as an apathetic dancer for Das Racist’s performance with Leslie Dick at the Whitney ( The lecture/performance was apart of the Whitney’s biennial performance series: Live on 5 Songs. The series was curated  by artist/sculptor Martin Kersels. While his sculpture was aesthetically make-shift, it definitely made for an interesting and quirky performance space.

I’m a huge proponent of “contempxualizing” traditional ideas and concepts. And the linking of Das Racist’s music with Lacan’s mirror stage could make for an interesting addition to psychoanalytic discourse. But Leslie’s lecture, while accompanied by great video projections, was at times elementary. Nevertheless, I had a good time.


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I love this kid!!

I literally laughed ’til I cried and Sam just looked at me like a crazy person! I’m sure my first born will do something like this.

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